What Does It Mean To Eat A Low-Carb Diet?

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 16, 2007

One of the problems with discussing the subject of low-carb at this blog is the unfortunate problem that has always existed about this way of eating. It’s the inescapable reality that there is no clear-cut definition of what constitutes a “low-carb” diet.

When I started on the Atkins “low-carb” diet in 2004 to help me lose weight, that called for me to begin a two-week Induction period of 20g carbohydrate daily followed by an average of 30-35g carbs for the duration of my weight loss. Nowadays, I eat 50-60g carbs daily.

There are other “low-carb” plans like South Beach and The Zone which call for more carb consumption as high as 75-100g a day, but I am not aware of any that allow more than 100g daily. That’s clearly too many carbs to be considered “low-carb.”

Then you’ve got the issue of fiber and sugar alcohols. Should you count them in your total carbohydrates or subtract them since they do not impact your blood sugar as quickly as refined and simple carbs? I have never counted fiber or sugar alcohols personally, but everyone is different.

With this misunderstanding about what a REAL “low-carb” diet is, it’s easy to see how someone may THINK they are meticulously livin’ la vida low-carb when they really aren’t. Such is the case of one of my readers who e-mailed me about his “low-carb” diet the other day and wondered why it isn’t working very well.

Click here to see what this reader thought was a “low-carb” diet and my advice to help him get on a truly “low-carb” lifestyle that he can attain great success in managing his weight and diabetes.


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