McDonald’s Feigns Concern Over Obesity With ‘Healthy’ Shrek Happy Meals

Filed under: Business — @ May 18, 2007

Have movie tie-ins like Shrek and McDonald’s taken marketing too far?

McDonald’s is notorious for feigning to be a supporter of health with gimmicks like their new R Gym and donating money to combat childhood obesity while still serving such high-carb garbage “food” products as French Fries, apple pies, and milkshakes. Now they’ve done it again with the release this week of what is sure to be the biggest animated film of all-time–Shrek The Third.

You’ll recall my blog post about how ironic it is that Shrek was being used to promote exercise by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services while simultaneously pushing junk foods like Skittles, M&M’s, Fruit Loops, and other sugary, carb-loaded products.

Now the big green lovable ogre is pushing something strange again–”healthy” meals for kids at McDonald’s? SERIOUSLY!

The new Shrek Happy Meal gives the following “healthy” food choices for children–Chicken McNuggets (breaded and packed with carbohydrates), Apple Dippers with Caramel Dipping Sauce (as if the sugar from the apples wasn’t bad enough, you have to give them a high-fructose corn syrup dip, too–oh yeah, it’s LOW-FAT!), low-fat milk (um, that’s not exactly healthy for you, I hate to break it to the head honchos at Mickey D’s!) and a Shrek toy (well, at least SOMETHING is carb-free).

Isn’t this just disgusting! Read why McDonald’s is thumping their chest in pride about their “healthy” food choices for children and why these cross-promotions with popular animated films are keeping kids fat by clicking here.


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