Talk Show Host Mike Gallagher Begs For Help With Weight Loss

Filed under: Celebrity — @ May 18, 2007

Popular talk show host and FOX News contributor worried about weight

What’s going on with radio talk show hosts lately obsessing weight loss?

First you’ve got Rush Limbaugh bragging about his fast weight loss following his calorie-restricted diet plan which he has since revealed is the Nutrisystem program (which has a lower-carb option that I think he’s using). Good for him finding something that he can implement as part of his regular routine.

Then on Thursday I was listening to the nationally-syndicated program The Mike Gallagher Show when the host Mike Gallagher started talking towards the end of his program about his uncontrollable urge to eat, eat, eat lately. He remarked how the weight loss he experienced last year is all gone and now he’s ballooning back up again.

In fact, he admitted eating FOUR COOKIES in one sitting during his show while bemoaning why he has gained back all the weight he previously lost on Weight Watchers. It was very hard for me to hear him struggling with something that once had such a firm grip on my life, too.

On the urging of my wife Christine, I decided to call his show to encourage him with his desire to lose weight and get his eating habits under control for good. Fortunately, I got right through and I was on the air in less than a minute.

Click here to find out how my conversation with Mike Gallagher went about my 190-pound low-carb weight loss and three years of maintenance success.


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