Health Uncertainties, Obesity Prompted Tana To Try Low-Carb

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Tana proves you CAN even lose weight on low-carb in your 60′s

Excuses, excuses.

We all have ‘em when it comes to doing something about our weight problem. But if anybody had a legitimate reason to have a pity party about her obesity, it would have to be 60-something year old Tana. She’s been through a lot of physical problems that have impacted her health over the past couple of decades.

When Tana got remarried in 1987 when she was in her mid-40′s, her weight was a very healthy 135 pounds. But then life kicked in and her grueling medical night shift job which most of the time lasted 10-12 hours a night took its toll and “the pounds just kept adding on.”

“I worked for many years in the medical field, first as a 911 dispatcher for about four years adding even more pounds as I ate because of stress,” Tana recalled. “I later started doing sleep studies, requiring a 12 hour shift again.”

Besides adding on weight, Tana got some very unpleasant news about her health beginning in 1999. It began with a ringing in her ears with a condition known as tinnitus followed by some episodes of vertigo and vomiting. EWWW! In fact, this debilitating concern made Tana have to quit her job.

Then it got even worse for her.

In the next few years, Tana lost her hearing on one side as well as her balance. By 2003, she was officially diagnosed with Miniere’s Disease, an inner ear medical condition that can have an effect on balance. Obviously, this was all quite upsetting to Tana and she fell into deep depression which only packed on the pounds some more.

“The inability to do many of the daily routines of a normal life only led to further weight gain,” Tana recalled. “It took almost a year for me to be able to walk without falling, unless I was going along a wall.”

The uncertainty about when the next anxiety attack would hit had Tana constantly on edge and she withdrew even more from hanging out with her friends. It was a miserable existence and she knew something had to change about the quality of her life for the sake of her own sanity.

What did she do? Find out how the low-carb lifestyle helped Tana overcome all these obstacles to go on to lose over 100 pounds and improve her health by clicking here.


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