After Trying Every Diet, Man Has Driven Himself Crazy Over Weight Loss

Filed under: Health — @ May 21, 2007

Going on a diet has become a national pastime for many people because it’s what everybody’s doing. When you’re overweight or obese, you’re willing to do literally anything to lose the pounds. We’ve become a nation full of desperate souls who will stop at nothing to get what we think we want out of all these diets.

Unfortunately, what we end up getting for the most part is anger, bitterness, and disappointment that we are miserable failures and that weight loss is just too pie-in-the-sky for us to ever hold in our hands. The pipe dream of having permanent and lasting weight loss is futile and it’s just not worth the effort anymore.

Have you been diet-hopping and now feel like you’re ready to throw in the towel for good on this whole concept of losing weight and getting healthy? Join the club! That’s exactly how one of my readers felt and expressed in his e-mail to me recently sharing his disgust about where his life stands after trying and failing too many times to count.

Here’s what he wrote in that e-mail:

Hi Jimmy,

I’ve been fat for most of my life. I am now 55. I have a binge eating disorder and have had it since I was about 7. It’s not that I can’t lose weight–it comes off fast no matter what diet I am on. Of course, I can’t stick to any one way of eating so I don’t lose weight in the long run.

I feel that my body (and mind) is shutting down. I know that I have medical problems but I am scared of doctors which is bad. I switch back and forth between low-carb, vegan, low-fat and most of the rest. You just really don’t know what to believe in anymore.

I am about 200 pounds overweight right now–maybe more–and I’m very depressed and under a psychiatrist’s care. But it does not help. What do you think? I am close to cashing in my chips! Thanks for any advice you might have for me.

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