Dietary Fat Is Your Friend Not Your Foe

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 22, 2007

Fat is bad. Fat is so bad. Eating fat is so very, very, very bad for you.

Or so goes the song and dance that we’ve been led to believe for decades by the perpetrators of the low-fat lie. Fat-phobia in 2007 is in full force and groups like the American Heart Association are only adding gasoline to that raging fire with their absurd ad campaign against saturated fat.

Although all the latest scientific evidence has shown that a high-fat diet is only unhealthy in tandem with a high-carb diet, the prevailing line of reasoning is to blame the dietary fat rather than the dietary carbohydrate as the culprit in obesity and related diseases. Can’t somebody get this message across in clear and concise language that expresses this point?

Ask and you shall receive!

The awesome and amazing Sara Ost from Mark’s Daily Apple has written a brilliant column called “The lipid-phobe

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