Dr. Eric Westman: The Man Behind The Rebirth Of The Low-Carb Revolution

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Dr. Eric Westman–soft-spoken, but mighty strong in low-carb research

I have a very special interview to share with you today from the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) obesity conference I attended in Nashville, Tennessee recently. It’s with a man that every single low-carb supporter need to be abundantly aware of because he is conducting the kind of research on low-carbohydrate diets that will usher in a new wave of interest in this way of eating that cannot be ignored. His name is Dr. Eric Westman.

In Episode 54 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” I was privileged to ask Dr. Westman about his amazing research into the low-carb lifestyle, including why he started researching this, what his research has taught him as an internist, where he sees low-carb research headed in the coming years, and when he thinks mainstream acceptance of low-carb will happen.

Listen to my most compelling podcast interview to date with Dr. Westman:

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There is nobody working harder behind-the-scenes of low-carb (except for maybe Dr. Mary C. Vernon) than Dr. Eric Westman because he has seen the dramatic improvements in the weight and health that has happened in his patients who started following a “diet book.” It turns out that book was written by the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins and it went against everything Dr. Westman was ever taught in medical school.

Neverthless, he has since learned more about low-carb living and realizes it can help with not just obesity, but also diabetes and a host of other health ailments. Dr. Westman is dedicated to helping his fellow doctors and medical professionals understand why low-carb dieters like us see the amazing lifechanging results we see in our weight and health.

During my interview with him, Dr. Westman said he vividly remembered one thing he was taught in medical school: while the training to become a physician ends at school, the education process never ends with what your patients tell you. WOW, we need more doctors who are willing to take this philosophy about their practice so they can truly help people get healthier than they ever thought possible.

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Did you enjoy hearing what Dr. Eric Westman had to say about livin’ la vida low-carb? He’s definitely a name you will want to remember because some of the most damning evidence against low-fat diets in the coming years will very likely be from his research lab in Durham, North Carolina. Share your thoughts about Dr. Westman and his research. I am planning a trip up the road from my hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina to visit his clinic soon to see what he does in action.

Also, if you entered my contest from Episode 53 for the FREE GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars, then be sure to listen to today’s show to see if your name was among the winners. THANK YOU to everyone who posted a comment at the podcast web site and then e-mailed me your entry. It was a great success and I look forward to more contests coming soon.

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