Could You Do A Low-Carb Diet On Just $3 A Day?

Filed under: In The News — @ May 27, 2007

Low-carb is just too expensive for me. Eating this way is not reasonable for the average person on a budget, so I don’t think it’s a very feasible solution to my weight problem. Eating healthy will hit you in your wallet!

This connection between weight and wealth is something that continues to interest the media as my fellow low-carb blogger Regina Wilshire pointed out at her “Weight Of The Evidence” blog this week.

The challenge? Eating a healthy low-carb diet on just $3 a day. You read that right–THREE DOLLARS per person for food. This is exactly what one million Americans are surviving on with food stamps. Could you do it even for a week?

Click here to learn more about this $3 a day diet that Regina Wilshire and her family is participating in to see what it would be like to strip down you low-carb lifestyle to the bare minimum.


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