The ‘Low-Carb Luxury’ Mystery Almost Solved

Filed under: Publications — @ May 27, 2007

“Low-Carb Luxury” creator Lora Ruffner contacted me this week

One week ago today, I asked the question, “Have We Seen The Last Of Low-Carb Luxury?” after several of my concerned readers inquired with me about the future of the Internet’s most prominent low-carb magazine.

Where has it gone? Is it ever coming back?

It has now been over three months since Low-Carb Luxury magazine was last updated and many of us who have enjoyed the high-quality, professional layout of this remarkable low-carb resource want to know what has happened to it. Did they just pack up their bags and call it a day after eight wonderful years of excellence?

Let me tell you, I wouldn’t blame Low-Carb Luxury creator Lora Ruffner if she ever decided to do that because pumping out brand new information, especially with a niche subject like the low-carb lifestyle, can be a real challenge sometimes. Sure, there are always things to talk about, but keeping it interesting and building on an ever-changing base of readers takes a lot of work.

But Ruffner, along with her devoted life partner Neil Beaty, has been plugging along beautifully up until February this year. I suppose people had gotten so used to seeing new articles each month at Low-Carb Luxury that they now realize how much they probably took it for granted now that it’s missing. It’s too bad it takes circumstances like the sudden absence of something you love so much to realize how much you enjoyed having it.

So what’s the deal? Is Low-Carb Luxury no more? Get the full scoop and details about an exclusive interview I will be conducting in June with Lora Ruffner about the future of Low-Carb Luxury by clicking here.


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