What Are They Doing With My Favorite Low-Carb Wraps From La Tortilla Factory?

Filed under: New Product — @ May 28, 2007

La Tortilla Factory low-carb wraps are perennial bestsellers

When I first started on the low-carb lifestyle, I was so happy to find La Tortilla Factory low-carb wraps and I’ve been a big fan of these ever since. In fact, I keep a couple of packages of these ever-versatile wraps on hand at all times.

Just one tortilla gives you a mere 50 calories, 5g protein, 2g fat, 8g dietary fiber, and just 3g net carbs. It really is the PERFECT wrap regardless of what your diet plan is. But now they’ve decided to change their packaging.

Uh oh! Does this mean they’re taking my favorite low-carb wraps away because I’ve seen it happen before? Or, perhaps they are keeping the product exactly the same and merely changing the look and name to attract new customers.

Click here to see the new changes that will be coming soon to the La Tortilla Factory low-carb wraps and find out whether these changes will be good or bad for low-carbers.


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