Get All Your Favorite Low-Carb Blogs In One Place At ‘Low-Carb Mania’

Filed under: Publications — @ May 29, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, my fellow low-carb blogger from “The Divine Low-Carb” blog named PJ, a 41-year old single mom who lives in the Ozarks of Oklahoma, was scouring several of the most popular low-carb blogs asking for their RSS feed.

I noticed she did that at my blog as well as several other low-carb sites I have featured in the past. What was PJ up to? Hmmm… I even received an e-mail from her asking me where my RSS feed was. It has now been added to the side panel at my blog for your convenience if you subscribe to blog feeds.

But it seems my friend PJ was up to something special because all of her efforts to get the RSS feeds of her favorite low-carb web sites are encompassed in a beautifully-packaged new blog called “Low-Carb Mania.”

Click here to learn more about this new RSS feed site for low-carb blogs and how you can suggest your favorite ones to PJ.


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