Playing Golf, Low-Carb Diet Have A Lot In Common

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 29, 2007

How can learning how to golf be like low-carb dieting?

We all have things in our lives that we have always wanted to do. You know what I mean–activities that you have longed for but have yet to fulfill. For me, that singular activity that I’ve been meaning to take up for years is golfing.

Yep, I’m a humongous fan of the game of golf and enjoy watching the PGA Tour on television. Some people think the game is too boring to watch, but not me. Watching the best players in the world hit that little white ball around and get it in the hole under treacherous conditions is simply amazing!

But golf is not necessarily a game of might or great physical prowess, which is why it is attractive to men and women of all sorts. That is the allure that causes relatively intelligent men and women to pick up a bag of clubs and give it a go!

Instead, golf is a game of mechanics, repetition, and finesse–all which come with lots and lots of practice. The golf swing is just the opposite of a baseball swing or a bowling motion. Thinking differently takes a major paradigm shift in your head as I am quickly discovering.

I’ve only been swinging a club for a couple of weeks so far, but I can already see why people give up on this game. When you first start playing golf, you want desperately to score as low as you possibly can. But the reality is you’re very lucky if you can break 150 strokes! You’re learning the game and it’ll get better with time and experience.

It can be extremely hard at times because this game goes against everything your body naturally wants to do. But quitting is not in my vocabulary, so I’m gonna learn this game yet even if I keep slicing that %$@*!&@ ball to the right! :D Wish me luck!

What’s this got to do with a low-carb diet? Read more about what golf and low-carb living have in common by clicking here.


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