Milk-Maker ViaLactia All Giddy Over A Low-Fat Cow Named Marge

Filed under: In The News — @ May 31, 2007

A mutated gene cow that makes low-fat milk naturally

Beam me up, Scotty, because I think this world has gone absolutely institutionalized on me now after reading about that crazy cow that has been found to make (get this!) low-fat milk. Sounds totally sci-fi freaky, doesn’t it? Sadly, it’s dead serious and coming to a milk carton near you!

It was one thing to create genetically-altered potatoes to make them lower in carbohydrates a couple of years back. But what they’re doing to cows just to artificially lower the fat content of their milk takes weird science to a whole new level!

We have the New Zealand-based biotechnology company ViaLactia to thank for stumbling across almost by accident a cow they named Marge in 2001 which has a gene mutation allowing it to produce milk with 1% milk naturally rather than the 3.5% milk that traditional cows make for whole milk. This new low-fat milk produced by this one-of-a-kind cow supposedly has more omega-3 fats and the butter created from it is spreadable even when it’s cold.

Ooooooh! Am I supposed to be jumping up and down? NOT!

Find out why I’m less than enthusiastic about this gimmicky new low-fat milk-producing cow by clicking here. It’s nothing personal, Marge!


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