No Time To Celebrate KFC Serving Zero Trans Fat Chicken

Filed under: Restaurants — @ May 31, 2007

KFC hedging its marketing bets on removing trans fat from its menu

Remember all the brew ha-ha over trans fat at KFC last year? Now they’ve taken it too far in the other direction.

Am I the only one who thinks the new KFC television commercials bragging about their food not having trans fat are over-the-top obnoxious? I’m mean, give me a break already. What is happening to our culture–are we a nation full of mind-numbed nincompoops who buy into everything the media says about health hook, line, and sinker?

What halfway intelligent-thinking person believes the food at the restaurant formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is now suddenly “healthy” just because it allegedly doesn’t have any trans fat? They’re so proud of themselves, they even created this page about it on their web site. Oh joy!

It’s pathetic, absolutely positively ridiculous. What is KFC thinking with all these ritarded people dancing around, making fools of themselves, celebrating that they can “have KFC again” now that their food is trans fat-free?

Click here to see a sampling of this new KFC ad campaign for yourself, why supposedly taking away trans fat from KFC does not make it healthier, and the disturbing secret that KFC doesn’t want you to know about their “zero trans fat” claim.


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