Could It Really Happen: Diet Coke With Stevia?

Filed under: New Product — @ June 1, 2007

Did you know Diet Coke in Japan is sweetened with the plant-based stevia?

About a year ago I blogged about the controversial all-natural sugar alternative called stevia. At the time, I lamented that stevia was not approved by the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) to even be called a sweetener…yet! But that may be about to change if a joint venture with The Coca-Cola Company and a major food additive business named Cargill Foods has anything to say about it (and you KNOW they will because money talks!).

They have decided to take a serious look at a sweetener they want to call rebiana (a shortened word used for Stevia Rebaudiana), but remember that name because it’s the term these companies are going to be using for stevia soon.

Stevia is extracted from plants and contains ZERO calories and carbohydrates. But the FDA has come down so strongly AGAINST approving it that it’s gonna be a real challenge. But Coke has the name and money to make it happen!

Interestingly, stevia IS already being used in Diet Coke–in Japan, where stevia boasts a robust 40% of the sweetener market, as well as in Brazil, China, and nine other industrialized countries. So what’s taking America so long to get going with this in this country already? The FDA needs to get its head out of their backside and approve stevia as a sweetener.

Click here to see what Coke and Cargill Foods are doing to bring this stevia-based sweetener to your favorite sugar-free/low-carb foods to challenge aspartame and sucralose in the sugar substitute market.


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