Thinking Gastric Bypass Is The Only Way To Weight Loss?

Filed under: Health — @ June 2, 2007

The topic of gastric bypass surgery came up late this week when I got an e-mail from a 41-year old woman who weighs 310 pounds and is now considering popular weight loss method. Yikes!

Her story is a sad one because she is at the end of her rope struggling with her weight since the age of four and even going through several bouts with eating disorders. She now feels there is nothing left for her to do but to go under the knife.

Here’s what my reader wrote in her e-mail:

When I turned 25 I became bulimic. At the time I weighed 300 and my weight began coming off like crazy. I went to a size 8 and didn’t stay there but always ‘maintained’ a low weight via hours and hours of exercise, laxatives or purging the other way.

That went on for so many years until I became a Christian. Once I got saved, I was very convicted to treat my body as a temple of God. The battle was hard, but I did stop purging. I don’t need to tell you the weight flew right back on me again and I’ve tried so hard to eat healthy (which I realize is the low carb way of life) and in the right portions

Yet, I cannot seem to make any headway and have been to all the specialists. I have started the process for the gastric bypass surgery. This isn’t a quick decision I just made yesterday…I’ve wanted this for the past 2 years and I’ve taken most of the steps required to have the surgery.

I went to counseling (because of the eating disorder history) and I know that this is not my magic bullet. I so desperately want to do this for the sake of my kids, my husband and my health. I don’t want to sit at home while they go to the park anymore.

What I want is two goals–1) to ride a horse with my daughter and 2) ride a bike with my husband and son. So many have tried to talk me out of it, but my doctor and I feel that it’s the only way to make the ‘mountain’ more manageable. I have to admit, he was against it for quite some time and worked with me for the past five years before we got to this point.

Now my dilemma is my insurance has denied the surgery. I need help! Who can help me? Do you have names of doctors that you know who would work with me financially? Are there other options to pay for the surgery? I appreciate any help you can give, I know you are busy!

Oh, this just breaks my heart. Read my response back to her as I share my own personal thoughts about why gastric bypass surgery is NOT the answer to her obesity problem by clicking here.


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