Jimmy Moore Talks About Gastric Bypass Surgery With Orato.com

Filed under: In The News — @ June 8, 2007

Heather Wallace from Orato interviewed me about my weight loss

One of the fun parts about being somebody who used to be really, really fat and then lost a whole bunch of weight are all the media inquiries that come my way wanting to know how I was able to do it. I never get tired of sharing my story because I’m all for giving people hope, encouragement, and inspiration about what worked for me.

Last week while I was on vacation in the Smoky Mountains with my wife Christine (I’ll be blogging about that REAL soon!), I received a telephone call from a woman named Heather Wallace from the Canadian web site called Orato. I had never heard of this online publication, but Heather said she is the Senior Editor and wanted to interview me about my thoughts regarding gastric bypass surgery.

Um, sure!

Click here to access my interview with Orato about my low-carb weight loss, what it was like being obese growing up, and how I was able to finally overcome my inner demons to lose 180 pounds and get healthy.


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