The Most Mouthwatering Low-Carb Dish I’ve Ever Eaten

Filed under: Low-carb Recipes — @ June 8, 2007

Leave it to my wife with Italian ancestors to come up with this

Earlier this week I shared with you about some fantastic new low-carb breads from Francis Simun Bakery. These breads inspired both my wife Christine (who you will recall she started low-carb for the first time one month ago and is doing FANTASTIC!) and I to come up with our own special low-carb recipes to enjoy!

My recipe for Chocolate-Covered Low-Carb Bagels was a big hit the other day, but I think what Christine came up with may just surpass it. Using the low-carb tortillas from Francis Simun Bakery, she made that delicious pizza you see at the top of the post. Even without any tomato sauce whatsoever, this pizza looks, smells, and tastes out of this world!

Click here to see CHRISTINE’S LOW-CARB PARMESAN ITALIAN PIZZA recipe that is the most mouthwatering low-carb dish I’ve ever eaten!


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