Captain D’s Welcomes Low-Carb Dieters With ‘Carb Counter’ Meals

Filed under: Restaurants — @ June 10, 2007

Captain D’s steps up their menu to serve the low-carb consumer

When the most popular low-carb friendly restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday decided to get rid of their famous low-carb cheesecake in May 2006 followed just a couple of months later by scrubbing their entire low-carb menu for good, I put out a public challenge to the restaurant industry.

“This leaves the door wide open to another restaurant to step it up and cater to the growing obese and diabetic population. If you make the menu attractive enough to people and still keep the items healthy, then it very well could work. Who’s it gonna be? Anyone? The millions of us who are livin’ la vida low-carb are waiting…patiently…anyone?”

Applebee’s has tried but they are too afraid (of what?!) to call it a low-carb menu item while my former favorite fast food place Subway went the other direction earlier this year when they REMOVED the low-carb wraps from their menu. Idiots!

Then you’ve got places like the Olive Garden serving a “no sugar added” dessert to diabetics that contains GOBS of sugar and nearly 70g carbohydrates! EEEEK!

Well, despite these futile attempts by other well-known restaurant chains, I was pleased to share with you recently about Cracker Barrel and their “Low-Carb Offerings” menu which is perfect for low-carbers. Now I have another restaurant chain to add to the small, but growing list of courageous companies willing to offer people who are livin’ la vida low-carb some healthy low-carb alternatives–the Nashville, TN-based Captain D’s.

Click here to find out more about Captain D’s new “Carb Counter” meals and why people who support the low-carb lifestyle should applaud this restaurant chain for catering to our needs.


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