Low-Carb Luxury Coming Back, ‘Inspired’ Movie Films Jimmy Moore

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This was some weekend with two momentous events:


When I blogged a few weeks ago about what has happened to Low-Carb Luxury magazine since there hasn’t been an updated issue since February 2007, I soon received an e-mail from the wildly popular online low-carb magazine’s founder and creator Lora Ruffner.

She agreed to meet with me this weekend while visiting her son who lives in South Carolina to talk about what’s going on with the magazine. We had a delightful time chit-chatting about what’s going on in her life, where her heart is regarding the future of Low-Carb Luxury, and some rather shocking circumstances that she has been going through over the past year.

I will be publishing an interview at my blog with Lora Ruffner very soon and am working on a podcast interview with both Ruffner and her business and life partner Neil Beaty in the near future. You’ll be pleased to know that Lora does not want Low-Carb Luxury to go away, but it’s gonna take some changes to make that happen. More about that coming soon.


I’m thrilled to tell you about an upcoming independent documentary film that I was asked to be a part of called “Inspired: The Movie”. The film’s director Steve Yu asked if he could come interview me about my 180-pound low-carb weight loss success, my popular low-carb blog and podcast show, and what I am doing to continue to inspire and motivate others to take this journey that I did.

It’s a unique obesity movie because it is a snapshot of a bunch of people who come at the subject of weight loss from many different paths–Dr. Jeff from The Biggest Loser, Tony Little who’s most famous for his Gazelle exercise equipment, Dr. Brian Wansink who wrote the book Mindless Eating, noted Harvard researchers Dr. Walter Willett and Dr. Frank Hu, and even professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page!

This movie is going to be phenomenal and I was privileged to be filmed for a couple of hours on Sunday telling my story to hopefully help others who watch this when it comes out. I was encouraged even by the personal health improvements that both Steve and his beautiful wife Mariah have been able to find as both have lost weight and are in fantastic shape.

Be looking for me to share more about this movie soon. Steve said he would send over some exclusive video clips from my interview with him today in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to share more about this amazing new movie that is sure to inspire the masses. Special thanks to Steve, Mariah, and the crew who came to Spartanburg for a visit. It was so much fun and I wish you all GREAT success with this venture!

Busy, busy, busy…more low-carb news and information to come!


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