Author Needs Women Who Couldn’t Stay On A Low-Fat Diet

Filed under: Publications — @ June 12, 2007

Author Cassandra Forsythe wants YOUR failed low-fat diet stories

Do you remember my interview with Cassandra Forsythe, a PhD Fellow at the University of Connecticut working with low-carb diet researcher Dr. Jeff Volek, earlier this year? Well, she is busy working on writing a book that will contain stories of women who have failed on a low-fat diet.

With a book deadline looming at the end of this month, Forsythe has put out the call for females to answer this question–“Has A Low-Fat Diet Failed You?”.

“I’m looking for a few testimonials from women that have tried a very-low fat diet and found that it failed them,” Forsythe inquired at her blog. “If this is you, I’d love to include your story.”

Cassandra is passionate about women’s nutrition and fitness, so this book is gonna be top-notch! She is a rising star working behind the scenes in the low-carb research community and I encourage you to share your low-fat failures with her.

“Just let me know what happened to you when you followed the diet,” Forsythe stated. “Did you gain weight? Did you become depressed? Did you crave peanut butter?”

If you can testify about how awful the low-fat diet was for you, then e-mail Cassandra Forsythe ASAP at Be sure to tell Cassandra hey for me, okay? THANKS for supporting Cassandra’s new book!


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