Sugar-Free Mentos Snags Another Unsuspecting Victim

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ June 14, 2007

Beware: Sugar-Free Mentos aren’t just “sweetened with Splenda”

There oughta be a big bold WARNING label placed on any sugar-free product that purports to be “sweetened with Splenda” if sucralose is not the top sweetener. You know what I’m talking about–while the Splenda logo appears prominently on the front of the packaging of many low-carb, sugar-free products, the truth is there’s something else making that product sweet.

That something else is sugar alcohols usually, most notably and notoriously the one called maltitol. Just as sugar-free doesn’t mean the product is necessarily low-carb, neither does having the Splenda emblem on the packaging mean it is the primary sweetener. In fact, many times it comes in dead last in the ingredients.

If this is happening, then why does maltitol show up as the #1 ingredient, hmmm? Sounds like a bait and switch scam to me! I’ve warned about the negative impact this sugar alcohol can have on your stomach many times and even had this humorous story from a reader named Fred Scuttle who found out the hard way what the sugar alcohol maltitol can do to you.

Now I’ve got another horror story to share with you from Sarah who thought she would get away with downing some Sugar-Free Mentos without a hitch. HA!

Click here to read her rather graphic and disgusting reaction to this product supposedly sweetened with Splenda. It ain’t a pretty picture!


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