Finally, Weight Loss Message Gets Through To Jimmy Moore’s Brother

Filed under: Health — @ June 23, 2007

It now appears my brother Kevin is ready to deal with his weight

It’s been a little while since I gave you an update on my brother Kevin and his ongoing battle to lose weight, get healthy, and quite literally save his life.

Ever since I first blogged about Kevin, interest in him has ranged from the curious to the concerned and has even brought out a few crazies (One memorable e-mailer wrote, “Why is your brother so fat if you’ve figured out the cure to obesity is low-carb? It must not work too well if your own brother can’t even get his weight under control.”).

So I’ve tried to give periodic updates on his weight and health for those of you who are praying for him which you can read here, here, here, here, here and here.

But when I was talking to Kevin about an obesity documentary called INSPIRED: The Movie which I was recently filmed for, I could hear in his voice he had something to tell me. “Guess what, little bro?” he said to me in his own distinctive vernacular. “I’m losing weight now.”

WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! Click here to see what motivated my brother Kevin to start pursuing weight loss just as I was at my wit’s end about how to help him do it. You’ll even get to see a sneak peek of my interview with INSPIRED: The Movie talking about Kevin.


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