Food Costs Soar Here in the U.S. Why Do Americans Spend Less to Feed Themselves Than Any Other People On the Planet? TIME Has Thoughts

Filed under: In The News — @ June 23, 2007

Food costs are on the rise, as various news outlets have reported. But we need to look deeper into this whole phenomenon, something that TIME magazine’s John Cloud helps us do. The intrepid reporter offers a wonderful perspective on our food spending patterns.

In fact, he says that despite the recent price increases, “Americans still spend less to feed themselves than any other people on the planet–probably less than any monetized society in history.”

What’s up, Americans? Why don’t we Americans care about feeding ourselves well? Why do we fork over only 9.9 cents of every dollar we spend on food when people in Britain spend 16 % of their household expenditures on food; Brazilians, 23 percent, Thais, 29 percent?

Check here for some answers.


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