Take Action Now! Tell Your Legislators to Change the “Farm Bill” So That It Increases the Availability of Healthy Foods & Improves Nutrition Education for Americans

Filed under: Health — @ June 23, 2007

As regular readers of this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog know, I attended and graduated from the amazing Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City, which brings in a Who’s Who of nutrition experts to teach students there.

Now, as an alumni of IIN, I periodically receive e-mails about subjects of interest. I am including verbatim the contents of one such e-mail because it is vitally important. It’s about the Farm Bill currently up for consideration in Congress.

I believe that it’s important to galvanize as many people as possible to tell our legislators that they need to change the Farm Bill so that we make significant changes in the availability of healthy foods and nutrition education for Americans.

Please join the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Center for Science in the Public Interest and me to send an important message to your representatives in Congress so that they will realize that their constituents believe nutrition and health should be a major priority in the Farm Bill and that the bill should help:

*Improve the nutritional quality of school foods
*Increase the availability of fruits and vegetables in schools
*Expand research at the U.S. Department of Agriculture
*Ensure that low-income pregnant women and small children have access to nutritious foods
*Strengthen nutrition education initiatives through the Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program

Find out how to take action here.


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