Mark Sisson Has Created Potent, High-Quality Supplements

Filed under: New Product — @ June 24, 2007

Mark Sisson helping people learn the importance of good nutrition

Have you ever wondered when you stepped inside of your local drug or health food store and saw all those vitamins and other dietary supplements lined up in such an intimidating display exactly how much of what you really need? Believe me, I have and you can go broke buying the WRONG kind or quantities if you don’t know what you are doing.

If anyone knows what proper nutrition and healthy supplementation is supposed to look like, then I would think a former marathon runner and world-class athlete would qualify. That’s exactly what Mark Sisson from the company Primal Nutrition is.

You may recall when I blogged earlier this year about Mark’s incredibly entertaining and educational blog called Mark’s Daily Apple where he espouses healthy living the low-carb way. Mark and I have a mutual respect for each other since our basic dietary and blogging philosophies are mirror images. You could even sense that when he interviewed me for his blog back in March.

But Mark Sisson is a much more professionally qualified health and fitness blogger than I’ll ever be because he was a key player in bringing the triathlon to the Olympic games as an official sport. Yep, Mark is a bona fide athlete who deserves to be heard because he knows from whence he speaks.

As a strong supporter of livin’ la vida low-carb, Mark wants to help his fellow low-carbers get the most potent, complete, cutting-edge, premium nutritional supplements available on the market today. He knows you don’t have time to research the ingredients in thousands of bottles with stuff you can’t even pronounce in them! That’s why he created Primal Nutrition.

Click here to learn more about who Mark Sisson is, why he started Primal Nutrition, and to see his full lineup of heath supplements to complement your low-carb lifestyle!


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