National TV Show Seeks Diabulimics (People Who Have Diabetes & Bulimia)

Filed under: Television — @ June 26, 2007

Do you have diabulimia? In other words, do you have type 1 diabetes and you skip your insulin to lose weight. (Or perhaps you have type 2 diabetes and do the same thing.)

If you’re one of some 450,000 type 1 diabetic women suffering from diabulimia, a national TV show would like to talk to you for a story to shed light on this serious health problem.

FYI, yesterday, this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog ran a post about diabulimia, a potentially health-harming, life-shortening condition. Today, we received a comment on the blog from the TV producer seeking people with this devastating condition.

The TV producer says that the show is planning on doing “a sensitive piece on diabulimia” and is looking for “current diabulimics.”

Find out how you can participate by clicking here.


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