On Low-Carb For 5 Weeks, Jimmy Moore’s Wife Drops 13 Pounds And Six Dress Sizes

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ June 26, 2007

In the midst of all the brouhaha over Kimkins in recent weeks, someone rather special in my life who I love very dearly has begun doing extremely well on a low-carb diet without really trying that hard. It’s the cute and precious woman I call my wife named Christine.

You’ll recall Christine FINALLY took my advice to start livin’ la vida low-carb in mid-May not to lose weight necessarily, but to get her triglycerides to drop. Although she’s on low-carb primarily as a means for improving her health (as so many people like this are discovering!), an interesting side effect has ensued for Christine–WEIGHT LOSS!

I told her that although she doesn’t have a lot of weight to lose, she’ll notice her clothes getting looser and the scale will move down. I’m not so sure she believed me at first, but she’s a BIG believer now!

Without even trying, Christine has now lost a total of 13 pounds and her dress size has gone from a size 14 down to a size 8 over the past five weeks on the Atkins diet. WOW!!!

We have a running bet now that I can get my weight within 75 pounds of hers (considering I used to weigh nearly 300 pounds MORE than Christine, it’s quite a feat!). As of today, I weigh 222 pounds and she weighs 144–78 pounds apart. So she’s ahead for now–BUT NOT FOR LONG!

Click here to learn more about what Christine is eating on her low-carb diet (it may just surprise you!!!), find out what was making her triglycerides soar, and discover how much the woman I married in 1995 weighed on our wedding day (let’s just say she didn’t need to diet!). ;)


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