Thousands of Young Diabetic Women Suffer “Diabulimia,” Expert Estimates

Filed under: In The News — @ June 26, 2007

Note from Connie: Usually, we only cover news and trrends here relating to sugar research, obesity or type 2 diabetes. But since both my research assistant/part-time writer Jennifer and I were particularly touched by this poignant story relating to women with type 1 diabetes, I decided to include this, too. Here’s Jennifer’s take on the subject, thanks to an AP story we both read:

What sad, scary news this is.

AP writer Jim Ellis reports on a condition called diabulimia, in which young women with type 1 diabetes skip their insulin to lose weight.

He leads with the unfortunate story of Lee Ann Thill, now 34, who learned of the practice at a camp for diabetic teenagers. She came to the camp suffering from bulimia, worried because she’d recently gained 20 pounds. So skipping or cutting back on her insulin shots, which causes diabetics to shed weight, seemed a perfect solution.

There’s more about diabulimia and this young woman’s sad story here.


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