Instead Of Just Giving Lip-Service To Obesity Problem, Bush Should Take Action

Filed under: Health — @ June 29, 2007

President George W. Bush STILL leading by example on fitness

Regardless of what you think about his performance as the leader of the free world on an assortment of other issues, two-term President George W. Bush is a man who has led by example in regards to living a healthy lifestyle.

He hovers around 190 pounds on his 5’11″ frame, has a total cholesterol in the 170s, boasts a body fat percentage around 15 percent, and enjoys a resting heart rate of an astonishing 47 beats per minute. By all accounts, he’s as healthy as he could possibly be as he approaches his 61st birthday next week.

CBS morning anchor Hannah Storm asks President Bush about health

CBS News’ The Early Show featured President Bush on their program Thursday morning to discuss the current state of affairs regarding weight and health in America. With such hot political issues as the war in Iraq, immigration reform, and the ever-present 2008 presidential race taking precedence, the obesity epidemic is being all but ignored as the serious health issue it has become.

Click here to watch this video segment with President Bush, to find out what he really thinks about the current obesity epidemic, and to see my challenge to him and anyone else running for public office about putting some walk to their talk about getting America healthy.


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