David Smith Lost 400 Pounds After He ‘Woke Up’ From Personal Despair

Filed under: In The News — @ June 30, 2007

From blubbery to absolutely buff, David has changed his life forever!

Today I have what I contend is the most inspiring weight loss story I’ve ever seen in my life! Except for the unbelievable weight loss journey being undertaken right now by Manuel Uribe, formerly “The World’s Heaviest Man” when he weighed in a 1235 pounds in January 2006 and who has shed well over 400 pounds on the low-carb Zone diet, the amount of weight loss produced by an Arizonian named David E. Smith is unprecedented.

Have you heard about this guy yet? He is like Jimmy Moore–TIMES TWO!

It may be difficult to fathom what 630 pounds looks like, but here it is:

Seeing David walking around with no shirt on when he was well over 600 pounds brings back a lot of painful memories for me. Although I was “only” 410 pounds at my highest weight, the body image he had was similar to mine along with the wack-wack-waddle-waddle sauntering about trying to catch your next breath. Seeing those images of himself on video are probably what prompted David to finally get serious about his weight and health for good.

This 6’2″ tall man has been overweight for his entire life and was “written off by everyone, even myself.”

“All of a sudden I woke up it seemed from my despair and I realized feeling sorry about my life wasn’t going to solve my problems,” David recalled. “I decided to change my existence.”

David had a lot of reasons for his obesity, not the least of which was being molested by a friend he trusted when he was only six years old. Then the constant teasing and ridicule from being a loner caused David to sink deeper into his pit of despair that led him to eat just to cover up the pain. This is something that happens under such a cloud of secrecy as People magazine’s January cover girl Mary Smith (no relation to David) has shared about her weight issues.

So David sought assistance for his dismal situation and reached out to a local television program in his area to help him do just that. The GREAT NEWS is David overcame his demons and HE DID IT losing over 400 pounds in the process!!!

Click here to see even more video footage of this remarkable weight loss turnaround by David Smith, including pictures of his “loose skin.” Find out about how he was able to shed those pounds for good and what he plans on doing with his radically transformed life after such a dramatic weight loss experience.


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