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I’m often asked how I stay so positive about livin’ la vida low-carb when all we ever hear in the media and from those who claim to be health leaders are constant attacks against what you and I hold so near and dear to our hearts. It’s a challenge indeed, especially when the ill-informed public only catches a headline (like this recent example) and doesn’t bother to find out the facts for themselves.

This becomes all the more difficult and even frustrating when you attempt to share with others the good news that low-carb living has made on your weight and health and they just don’t seem to care. That’s exactly what happened to one of my readers recently.

Here’s what she wrote in an e-mail to me:

Hi Jimmy,

I was talking to a lady I work with today about her diabetes and suggested to her, the best I knew how, to take a look at low-carb eating. I told her about Dr. Robert Atkins and how he helped so many of his patients with their health problems, in that so many got better if not well through this way of eating.

The same old pattern of folks not listening happened again. She indicated that she knew she would die of something and it might as well be diabetes! I realize she, nor anyone else, has to take my advice, but to say something like that! Whew! This I know, I don’t want to be diabetic–but if I do become diabetic, I want to be as healthy as possible! My dad was a diabetic and died due to complications from ketoacidosis, so you can see my concern for myself and others.

I guess this is a confession, but I get so tired of trying to say positive things to others about low-carb eating and the health benefits and then have them completely shoot it down. You seem to stay so positive and upbeat in the face of adversity. Please tell me how to stay positive.

Do I just stop telling people about low-carb eating? It probably sounds like I go around talking about low-carb eating to everyone in sight–I don’t and really don’t hardly ever mention it. It’s just that when I do, almost every time people simply will not heed to what could possibly save their lives.

Your blog is always so very informative, encouraging and wholesome. Please keep up what you are doing.

Find out how I try to keep myself uplifted and positive despite the negativity about low-carb by clicking here.


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