Why Anyone Else Cares How I’m Losing Weight Is Beyond Me

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ July 5, 2007

It has now been 30 days since I decided to go on the Kimkins low-carb diet to lose 50 pounds. While some have been critical of my PERSONAL DECISION to do this for myself stirring up all kinds of controversy, the proof to me has been in the results:


Regardless of your opinion of Kimkins one way or the other, you cannot argue with success like that. I’ve been completely amazed since I’ve already lost 180 pounds in 2004 on the Atkins diet and now Kimkins is taking me into unchartered territory with my weight.

Like it or not, the Kimkins diet is changing lives for the better–INCLUDING MINE! Why anyone else cares HOW I’m losing my weight is beyond me. If I was on Weight Watchers struggling to lose 1-2 pounds a week, wouldn’t that be heralded?

Two of my readers sent e-mails this week sharing how Kimkins has been the right diet for them at the right time. It’s encouraging to know people are being positively impacted by a low-carb diet program that just plain WORKS!

Click here to read these e-mails from people who have found success on Kimkins and why I believe it is only the business of the individual about which diet they choose.


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