Do Low-Carb Diets Reduce The Need For Sleep?

Filed under: Events — @ July 8, 2007

After my recent encounter with a snobby high school science teacher wanting my help with a student project on low-carb last week, it was a refreshing change to receive a very pleasant e-mail from a college student from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand this week who is doing an e-mail research project on a specific area of low-carb dieting.

The student’s name is Joel Bell and here’s what he wants to know:

“Do people who go on low carbohydrate or reduced carbohydrate diets experience less need for sleep and also feel like their energy levels improve?”

It’s an interesting question that is at the center of debate even among various people who have been on a low-carb diet. Joel would like to know what YOU think by sharing your answer to that question with him.

Click here to find out more about the project and how YOU can send your feedback to that question directly to Joel Bell for his assignment.


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