Get Ready For An Influx Of New Protein-Packed, Fiber-Filled Drinks

Filed under: Business — @ July 9, 2007

Want proof that livin’ la vida low-carb is still having an impact on our culture in the year 2007? Well, look no further than a column from research & development marketing guru Dr. Karen Grenus who says protein and fiber are the next big diet trends in beverages.

Many credit low-carb diets like Atkins, Protein Power, and South Beach for launching this new trend which will begin to manifest itself in the very near future. All I can say is that it’s about time (although we’ve already had lots of protein in the delicious Atkins Nutritionals shakes for years)!

The evidence is very strong and the marketing machines at the largest beverage companies in the world are already salivating at the sales potential they will muster up from this new trend.

Dr. Grenus says the allure of using a beverage as a meal replacement is about convenience and controlling the nutrients that go inside your body with precision.

“Today, consumers know about macronutrients and are more likely to purchase products after looking at carbohydrates, net carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber,” she wrote.

She added that consumers demand the product “must taste good enough for consumption and be palatable; cause fullness during consumption, or satiation; cause a continued sense of fullness until the next meal, or satiety; and remain palatable over the course of the diet.”

This is where protein comes into play. Manufacturers are realizing that adding enough protein to their product can help their beverage meet all these requests by the customer. People realize protein satisfies, so they’re looking for it to squelch their hunger.

Click here to read more about this growing trend to add protein and fiber to beverages and why this is so important for people living a healthy lifestyle.


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