Dietary Religiosity Has Taken Over The Low-Carb Community

Filed under: Health — @ July 14, 2007

“Low-carb has become like a religion and we’ve become way too partisan about our diet programs.”

That quote comes directly from none other than health and nutrition leader Dr. Jonny Bowden during my exclusive August 2006 interview with him at my blog. To be honest, I didn’t believe him at the time because I assumed most low-carbers had a similar mindset that I do about people finding the diet plan that’s right for them for both weight loss and improved health.

But it seems I was wrong.

In retrospect, Dr. Bowden was somewhat of a soothsayer with his prophetic proclamation about the current state of the community of people who ardently defend the low-carb diet as a viable nutritional approach for healthy living. What’s even worse now is what is currently the subject of all the most vile and dogmatic hate-filled criticism in the low-carb world.

Is it Dr. Dean Ornish’s very high-carb, ultra-low-fat diet? Nope.

How about that ridiculous maple syrup diet? Uh-uh.

Or could it possibly be the ever-popular detox diet? Wrong again.

Would you believe the diet that has all the low-carb forums and bulletin boards coming completely unhinged over the past couple of months is a “low-carb” diet? Can you believe it? That’s right, it’s another of the many versions of livin’ la vida low-carb out there, but you would think from all the heavy criticism being leveled against it right now that this was the second coming of Ornish himself! EEEK!

Click here to find out what this low-carb diet is, why the heavy criticisms against it are unfounded, and how embracing a monopolistic low-carb dietary approach for everyone is just as foolish as the low-fat recommendations we have now.


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