We’re All Busy, So Don’t Use That To Ignore Your Weight And Health

Filed under: Health — @ July 15, 2007

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are people who just go-go-go. I’ve always been that kind of person and I suppose it defines my work ethic. My dad has been that way his entire life to the extreme. He’s always doing something to stay busy. I guess that’ll keep him out of trouble. :)

With so many people working their fingers to the bone trying to take care of their family, it can be difficult to try to get a handle on your weight and health. Most people use their busy lifestyle as an excuse for why they can’t grab control of their life and take care of themselves. This is so sad to me.

Thankfully there are some who are working themselves hard, but are also doing something about sticking around for as long as God would have them be here on Earth. Such is the case of a gentleman who recently found my blog after losing 100 pounds over the past year.

He had sorta gotten lazy with his eating habits and the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog helped him realize he needed to get serious again to lose that final 50 pounds.

Click here to read what he wrote to me in that e-mail and how he has gotten his diet and weight loss back on track again. WOO HOO!


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