Jimmy Moore’s Interview Questions For Kimmer

Filed under: Events — @ July 19, 2007

The time has arrived for the mysterious woman known as Kimmer to be heard for the first time ever in any media outlet to discuss the concerns about her and the Kimkins diet she created. My big interview with her begins Thursday on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore” podcast.

This is a worldwide exclusive interview with the woman at the heart of a storm of controversy right now in the low-carb world and she shared quite candidly with me on Monday afternoon for over 75 minutes. The full interview will air the rest of this month in 15-minute segments over the next five podcast shows (Episodes 70-74).

As you know, I had a week-long open invitation to ANYONE who wanted to have me ask Kimmer a question to submit it to me via e-mail. Many of you did that and I appreciate each one.

If you sent a question, then I asked Kimmer about it! But if you didn’t send a question, then don’t cry to me that I didn’t ask it. You had your chance.

Click here to take a sneak peek at the Kimmer interview questions I asked.


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