Dietitian Adam Goff Jeers Low-Carb Blogger Over ‘Essential’ Carbs

Filed under: Health — @ July 20, 2007

A common topic of feedback that I receive from from time to time centers around my qualifications to blog about the subject of diet, health, and nutrition. I’ve answered this charge directly by basically asserting very clearly that I am simply a layman using my First Amendment right to free speech to share the personal lessons I have learned from losing half my weight and restoring my health.

Apparently, that explanation was good enough for Registered Dietitian Adam Goff.

Flexing his educational muscles at me and my blog, this gentleman went on to berate and ridicule the work I am doing claiming my assertions about the dangers of excessive carbs is wrong and deceptive.

Here’s what Goff wrote to me in his e-mail:

I wish I had never clicked through to your blog and here’s why. While I am glad to hear that you made a conscious decision to change your eating habits in an effort to lose weight, I am insulted by the tone you take on your blog.

I am one of those “well meaning health ‘experts’,” and I did not spend four years and $60,000 dollars on a degree in dietetics just to be put down and contradicted by some previously overweight gentleman who read a book.

Contrary to your OPINIONS, complex carbohydrates are essential to a healthy diet. Completely removing anything from one’s diet is a bad move no matter which way you cut it. I am all for eliminating simple carbs from one’s diet, but despite what you preach, complex carbs are the body’s preferred source of fuel. Period.

Do you honestly think that we in the field of nutrition just make this stuff up? You may have lost the weight you so desired but I would love to see how your body will hold up 30 years from now continuing on the road you’re on. The fundamental key to weight loss is not the elimination of any food group but is the overall restriction of calories and an adherence to a proper exercise program.

I can only hope that people seek alternative sources for information than relying solely on your blog.

Adam Goff, R.D.

Click here to read my response to this dietitian’s sharp criticism of the low-carb lifestyle.


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