Promoting The Low-Carb Diet To Help Others Lose Weight And Get Healthy

Filed under: Publications — @ July 24, 2007

Although those of us in the low-carb community will probably never agree on everything as it relates to diet, health, and nutrition, it’s good to know people’s lives are being changed for the better because of the work I am doing to promote the positive and healthy benefits of low-carb living.

If I could show you all the literally hundreds of e-mails I receive on a weekly basis, it would blow your mind. I could do a blog with JUST the e-mails I get everyday and it would fill up volumes upon volumes of pages. THANK YOU so much to everyone who shares their positive and uplifting stories with me and I welcome it anytime at

Click here to see just a small sample of four e-mails I have received lately about how low-carb is changing people’s lives!


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