Well, I Declare, A Low-Carb Lemon Icebox Pie!

Filed under: Low-carb Recipes — @ August 1, 2007

My, my, my, that low-carb lemon icebox pie looks so good!

I grew up in the South and there are certain foods you just grow accustomed to down here. Unfortunately, many of them are especially high in carbs because they are fried with a breading of some sort on them, sugary in those rich desserts this region of the country is famous for, or starchy with potatoes comprising much of the vegetable consumption of Southern folks.

Thankfully when I started livin’ la vida low-carb, I found excellent low-carb alternatives to old favorites like fried chicken, cheese grits, cheddar cheese biscuits, and many other dishes we love and adore in the South.

Now my friend and fellow author Judy Barnes Baker, whose CARB WARS: Sugar Is The New Fat cookbook has taken off over the past few weeks, has shared with me her quick and easy way to make another Southern classic the low-carb way–LEMON ICEBOX PIE!!! Mmm!

THANK YOU Judy Barnes Baker for sharing your recipe with us!


16 ounces whipped cream cheese
8 ounces plain yogurt, Greek style with live cultures
3 packets of Crystal Light


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