Meldrum To The Obese: Stop Being ‘Greedy’ By Hankering For The Next Diet Pill

Filed under: In The News — @ August 3, 2007

Dr. Hamish Meldrum under fire for comments, but he’s spot on

It’s not often that I find myself in agreement one of the leaders of a major health organization since most of the time they get it all backwards, but I have nothing but great admiration and respect for the head of the British Medical Association right now because of his response to the growing trend by obese people in the UK to pop a pill to deal with their weight problem rather than taking the appropriate actions to change their diet and health through lifestyle changes.

After reading what Dr. Hamish Meldrum said about this issue, I just about jumped up out of my seat and cheered him for having the courage to say what needed to be said. Although he’s getting railed by everybody and their momma for being insensitive and cruel towards fat people, I think he was simply stating what most people are already thinking but were too afraid to say out loud.

Dr. Meldrum has been disgusted by the trend he sees dieters using to seek out the next miracle “magic bullet” in the form of a pill that will help them lose weight. I’ve blogged about this many times before whenever the latest obesity pill is released and marketed to the public–Acomplia, Obestatin, Relacore, and most recently the over-the-counter weight loss drug called Alli.

The bottom line, Dr. Meldrum says, is the medical profession is going about treating obesity in all the wrong ways without addressing the real problem.

“We are saying, ‘This patient has a hyper-appetite problem’ rather than, ‘They are just greedy,’” he contended.

Click here to read more comments about obesity from this powerful health leader in Great Britain and what ramifications, if any, these remarks could have on diet and health in the future.


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