An End Of Summer Low-Carb Blog-O-Rama Blitz

Filed under: Publications — @ August 9, 2007

It’s not often that I decide to go on a vacation and not have ANY access to a computer or the Internet. But on Friday morning, Christine and I will be driving up to Indiana to attend a family reunion on her dad’s side of the family and the older family members we’re staying with don’t even own a computer. GASP! Oh the horrors! EEEK! 8O
Well, this trip has been a long time coming because we’ve never been able to attend this reunion as a married couple in our 12 years together because my job would never permit it. But now I’m the gracious boss since I’m working for myself and I give myself permission to GO! ;) YEAH!!!

What this means is I will not be blogging for the next five days in a row (oh, be still my fluttering heart!). I’ve never gone more than a day or two without blogging since I started blogging in April 2005, so I may start going through blog withdrawal symptoms (can’t be nearly as bad as sugar/carb withdrawal was, though!) by Saturday night! Hee hee!

Anyways, I thought I’d give you plenty to chew on while I am gone through the middle of next week. Many of you know I have a companion low-carb links blog as well as a diabetes links blog that supplement what I write about here at CarbWire. Well, new blogs and sites are springing up by the handfuls this year and I can hardly keep up with them all!

So what I have for you are 50 brand new low-carb diet and health blogs to keep you company and entertained while Jimmy Moore gets some much-needed R&R! I’ve broken these links down into convenient categories so you can easily navigate the ones that interest you the most. Try to visit them ALL if you can and interact with them, too.

Click here to access them and I hope you love and support these new blogs as much as you do me. HAVE FUN and we’ll see you when I return home next week! SEE YA! :)


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