Anthony Colpo releases ‘Fat Loss Bible’

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A man I have grown to respect and admire over the past year or so is Australian independent researcher and certified personal fitness trainer Anthony Colpo. He’s one of those polarizing figures in the world of diet and health that you either absolutely love or completely eschew! And he wouldn’t have it any other way!

When I The Great Cholesterol in August 2006 to share some of the secrets he has learned about strength, fitness, and fat-burning.

These principles he has been teaching in one-on-one sessions with people have been in such increasing demand that Colpo decided to share them in his newly-released e-book called The Fat Loss Bible. It’s a comprehensive plan to help cut through the typical dietary advice by educating you with scientific truths. I will be reviewing this book soon here at my blog and Anthony has agreed to another interview.

In the meantime, I occasionally receive a fitness-related question from a reader that is well beyond my own personal experience and/or knowledge. Such is the case with the following e-mail concerning muscle fatigue while livin’ la vida low-carb.

Here’s what he wrote in the e-mail:

Hey Jimmy. I’ve lost 20 pounds on Atkins and only have 10 more to go! I feel pretty darn good overall. Anyways, in regards to my exercise routine I go to a spin class at my local gym.

For some reason, though, I have muscle fatigue especially in my legs. I started taking a fiber supplement three days ago. When I went on the national spinning web site and looked up nutrition, they said if you spin on low-carb diets you’re going to get fatigued.

Personally, I think that’s just BS! Maybe you can discuss on your blog the benefits of low-carb eating on an exercise program. Maybe I just need to continue the fiber supplement and see if the fatigue improves.

Please continue your awesome blog. I visit it at least TWICE A DAY. It’s so exciting! God bless you.


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