Over Four Years After His Death, They’re Still Smearing Dr. Atkins

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The legacy of Dr. Robert C. Atkins still being felt to this day

You know someone’s life has made a lasting impact on the world when their contributions to society are still being talked about many years after that person is gone. That’s precisely what has happened to the founder of the world’s most popular low-carb nutritional approach.

The late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins of Atkins diet fame was prematurely taken from us on April 17, 2003 after a tragic slip and fall accident on some ice in New York City which resulted in a massive head injury that he was unable to recover from at the age of 72. It was a sad day for the millions of people who were positively touched by this remarkable man.

Even still, there are some out there who are so threatened by this man who has been gone for four years and four months that they feel compelled to continue spreading lies, innuendo, and propaganda about how Dr. Atkins died claiming he was obese, had a heart attack, and that it was all because of his “unhealthy” diet.

This neverending drumbeat of personal vilification of Dr. Atkins goes on in 2007 and I’ll sometimes get an e-mail like the following one inquiring about the circumstances surrounding his death and whether it had anything to do with his diet:


I really enjoy your blog! Congratulations on the fine success you continue to enjoy.

I just started up Induction after a three-year lapse…recent blood profile was getting pretty bad and first thing out of the doc’s mouth was Lipitor. I said no thanks, would rather try diet changes. So here I am, 7 pounds down in less than a week, walking 2 fast miles a day, and feeling fine!

My questions for you: Is there any truth to the stories circulating a few years ago that Dr. Atkins had arteriosclerosis and other circulatory conditions? I know the family addressed his post-coma weight gain, but can’t find where they addressed these reports. Any info? If this is already answered on your blog I overlooked it, I’m sorry. Thanks for your time.

Click here to see how I responded to this reader with the facts shared by his widow Veronica Atkins and assured him of the truth free from all the outlandish propaganda and innuendo that comes from the anti-meat activists who seek to destroy all the good that Dr. Atkins stood for during his life.


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