Worldwide Exclusive Interview With ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ Author Gary Taubes

Filed under: Events — @ August 16, 2007

Exclusive interview with “Good Calories, Bad Calories” author Gary Taubes

I was talking with my wife Christine the other day about the front cover of the upcoming Gary Taubes book entitled “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” I asked her, “Why do you think there is a slice of bread with butter on the cover?” Christine, being that brilliant woman who was the salutatorian of her high school class, retorted matter-of-factly by saying, “Jimmy, the butter is the ‘good calories’ and the bread is the ‘bad calories.’” Isn’t she BRILLIANT! That makes so much sense now. DUH!

Well, I’m pleased to have the author of that book–Gary Taubes–with us today for an exclusive interview at the brand new “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Discussion” forum. This is the first such media appearance he has conducted with anyone prior to the highly-anticipated release of this book set to shake up the diet and health industry. And I’m privileged to bring it to you today.

Taubes is quite forthright about why his book took so long to come out, why it was he decided on the ultimate title of the book, and what he hopes will happen as a result of the book releasing to the world next month. That book could very well be the beginning of a major “paradigm shift” in nutrition that has been sorely needed for decades.

If we can only get the doctors, nutritionists, and other so-called health “experts” who Taubes says “haven’t got a clue what real science is” to wake up to the truth, then that may happen sooner than later. Relax and enjoy this one-on-one with the man who could very well be the instigator of it all.

Read the interview in its entirety at my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Discussion” forum RIGHT NOW by clicking here.


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