8 Things You Never Knew About Jimmy Moore

Filed under: Events — @ August 18, 2007

Oh the crazy games we play online to entertain ourselves! Such is life in the fast lane of the World Wide Web. But it’s cool because sometimes you need a respite from the day-to-day to slow you down and cause you to reflect for a moment.

That’s what my friend and fellow blogger Regina Wilshire from the “Weight Of The Evidence” blog did when she tagged me this week in a game of “blog-tag.” Gee, thanks Regina! :-~

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I was tagged back in December 2006 and responded already. But apparently I’m required to do it again after six month has elapsed. Hmmm, didn’t read that anywhere in the blogging handbook! :D

Actually, several of my readers had “tagged” me in recent weeks, so I suppose I should at least do it again. If you are unfamiliar with blog-tag, then let me explain it in a nutshell: You tell 8 interesting and peculiar things about yourself that your readers probably wouldn’t know and then you “tag” 8 of your fellow blogger friends to do the same. Easy peasy!

So click here to see my latest list of “blog-tag” revelations about me, myself, and I.


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