Medical Student Says Low-Carb Blogger Good ‘Role Model,’ But Atkins Is Just A ‘Fad’ Diet

Filed under: Publications — @ August 18, 2007

I receive quite a few requests from all around the world concerning my low-carb weight loss success. Some have been personally inspired to begin their own health and weight loss plan while others are just inspired in general that they too can overcome an obstacle in their life like I did. It’s gratifying to know the lives of real people are being changed each and every day.

That’s one thing that attracted the attention of a medical student from France named Gyanish Gungarum. On my way back from vacation earlier this week, I received the following e-mail from him requesting permission to use my story.

Here’s what he wrote in that e-mail:

Hello Jimmy,

How are you doing? I’m Gyanish, a med student from France. I’m writing an article on role models and how they are helping others by providing inspiration for other wannabe dieters. I was thinking of taking you as an example.

I know you are currently on vacation, but can I have your permission to use your before and after pictures to illustrate my points and pull some quotes about you from your blog please?

I’m currently the blogger of Diet Hack. Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely,

Gyanish Gungaram

He seemed nice enough, so I permitted him to write his column. You can read the finished product that Gyanish wrote entitled “Role Modelin’: Livin’ La Vida Local.”

Click here to read my reaction to some of the assumptions and conclusions he makes about the low-carb lifestyle and why I believe he needs to be more open to this way of eating for the sake of his future patients.


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