Decathlete Contends Carbohydrates Necessary To Fuel Performance

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ August 20, 2007

Should you train for a decathlon on a low-carb diet?

Since my blog has been online for a little more than two years with nearly 2,000 columns, all kinds of people are finding my older columns in Google searches. Sometimes the people reading these previous columns will have some expert knowledge on the subject they would like to add to the discussion and such is the case today with this blog post I wrote just a few weeks after I started the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog back in 2005.

In that column, I shared about a survey conducted at the annual meeting of the International Society of Sports Nutrition that found most athletes have now shunned the idea of loading up on carbohydrates to boost their athletic performance. One-third of the respondents who had weight to lose chose the low-carb lifestyle over the low-fat/low-calorie diet. Most of these athletes stated that livin’ la vida low-carb was extremely effective for weight loss and aiding them in attaining their athletic performance goals.

The point of my blog post was that the idea of carb-loading on energy bars, sugar, pasta, rice, etc. is an outdated way to get your body ready for performing athletically. Sure, you may need to eat a few more carbohydrates than someone who is merely on a carbohydrate-restricted diet for weight loss purposes. But it won’t be all those JUNK carbs I listed above.

This is something that countless numbers of highly-respected experts and fellow low-carbers would absolutely agree with me on, including Anthony Colpo, Mark Sisson, Cassandra Forsythe, Ray Kelly, Kent Altena, Adam Campbell, Dr. Jeff Volek, Dr. Donald Layman, and MANY MORE!

Even still, the gentleman who e-mailed me is currently training for the upcoming 2008 Olympics and wanted to add his own personal experience as it relates to the proper diet needed for the highest levels of athletic competition.

Click here to read what this future Olympian had to say in response to my thesis that low-carb diets help athletes maximize their workouts.


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