Jamie Oliver Makes Cooking Healthy Cool Again

Filed under: Celebrity — @ August 26, 2007

UK cooking sensation Jamie Oliver’s new book coming October 2, 2007

Although it sometimes feels like an uphill battle in the struggle to help people learn more about healthy eating, the good news is there are people who are actively engaging our culture and bringing this positive message to the masses through the opportunities they have been given. I’m always happy to share about these with you so you can support them in their work.

We seen it from people like George Stella and Blaine Jelus in the United States in recent years. But as their stardom has sadly begun to wane a bit, there is a man from the UK whose influence on healthy cooking remains very strong–it’s the “Naked Chef” himself Jamie Oliver!

You’ll recall I previously blogged about how Jamie put pressure on the British Education Secretary Alan Johnson to remove junk food from school lunch menus (which instigated the creation of his FeedMeBetter.com petition campaign) and even put on a fat suit to underscore the health and weight problem of his fellow countrymen.

Jamie Oliver is indeed a man to be reckoned with and to pay attention to because he makes a lot of sense. He’s got a new book coming in October 2007 entitled Cook With Jamie: My Guide To Making You A Better Cook and even has his own video podcast series on YouTube!

Here’s a great one he created on how to cook the perfect steak:

Click here to learn more about the work Jamie Oliver is doing on behalf of healthy living, including through his web site, books, and videos.


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